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Celebrating Our Roots© Artisan Apprentice Transform middle school students into museum professionals. Students learn to demonstrate and interpret a trade such as basket weaving, spinning or paper marbling and  host  a living history event at a local historic site: complete with period equipment, attire and hands-on activities.


Celebrating Our Roots©

 A service-learning project which actively involves high school students and community in the preservation of their heritage. Students research and assess the challenges and assets of a local historic site, investigate community perceptions and need, then create a shared vision with the museum staff. The students carry out a restoration goal, then craft and perform stories, short plays and first-person interpretations for schools and the public to raise awareness for the historic site and its value to the community.


Professional Development

The Art of Service When students come together to apply their unique strengths and talents to solving a community problem, miracles can occur. Capable of encompassing all art forms and non-arts subjects, service learning is truly arts integrated, connecting lessons across the curriculum and empowering students to apply them in real life experience. In this class we will explore the best practices of service learning, and take an in-depth look at several specific examples for schools and neighborhoods.


Professional Development

Community Arts: A Catalyst for Community Change Community Arts programs can be a catalyst to unite modern communities, encourage inclusion and sensitivity and revive the lost art of communication. We will explore multiple mediums, learn to draw out communication with storytelling techniques and investigate how the arts can build lasting relationships between individuals, organizations and the community.


Advocate!  Involve students in social change as they responsibly collect and craft stories that highlight a community issue or need. Choose to connect with veterans, raise awareness of health issues or focus on an environmental problem  such as habitat loss or pollution; then watch as they transform that information into a compelling public performance.


Weaving Up the Gap Build bridges between generations by sharing conversation and personal stories prompted by weaving your own basket. Explore historical changes in communication, food ways and gender roles as we weave letter baskets, egg baskets, fishing baskets and more.

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