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Elegantly disturbing tales of suspense, dark romanticism and the grotesque, these traditional and historical thrillers are adapted in my trademark gothic style. For Adults and older children only.  

Cherri’s performances include something for everyone, but the following stories are particularly suited for younger children. Often presented in the character of Mother Goose, a story set for a tiny audience includes games, story songs, and lots of audience.

With a background in dance theater and living history, Cherri’s performances are rich with movement, drama, and folklore

Rich, deep, literary tales drawing the listener into the mystical and marvelous. These original versions are meticulously crafted to offer something to every age of story listener.

Originally, folklore was passed to each generation by both telling and enacting the tale. These light-hearted performances honor that tradition, engaging the audience as an integral part of the story with memory making results.

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