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Ghost Stories

Magic realism-

“What happens when a highly detailed, realistic setting is invaded by something too strange to believe.”

- Professor Matthew Strecher


 A chilling tale of murder, ghostly revenge and a surprising verdict from the US courts


The Bone Mother

 A complex gothic mystery complete with gloomy manor, an orphaned heiress, a haunted forest and a little ivory doll…


Mr. Fox 

A terrifying southern adaptation of the traditional Bluebeard tale


Long Flaxen Hair

 A personal tale of childhood haunting


Her Stepmother’s Spinning Wheel

 More than wool is spun and wound in the dark… And the villain knows that you have discovered her secret.


“The First Time Grandpa Died” A grotesquely whimsical story centering on the gory funeral and burial practices of the past as a young boy struggles to keep the body through the winter.


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