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Beginner to the seasoned teller, these workshops explore plot, character and style as well as develop skills that will enhance each participant's unique approach to the spoken and written word.

Step into Story

Learn the basics, find the resources and connect with the storytelling community in this introductory workshop. 


Story Craft

This intermediate workshop will assure that your story emerges cleanly and authentically whether you use story in business, are the family historian, or a performance teller in the making,


The Art of Story

An advanced class covering the deeper aspects of developing plot, character and symbolism in your stories


Producing Performance

Production, voice skills, and venue considerations as well as how to make things go smoothly for both you and your client.


Into the Shadows

 We’ll learn techniques of misdirection, study human fear and practice unnerving voice modulations to assure your ghost stories and dark fairy tales haunt the bravest listener.


 Enchantment: Fairy and Folktales

Move beyond the basic plot line as we enrich and enliven traditional tales with vivid imagery, subtle folklore and spellbinding subplots.


Movement Skills for Actors and Storytellers

Learn to support your stories and characters visually from a master level instructor of dance.


Telling History

Addresses the unique challenges of historical narrative for docents, re-enactors and family historians


A Harvest of Family Tales

Use photos, family cookbooks and heirlooms to fill out your family folklore. Leave with a workbook to help you gather those tales as well as instructions on how to host a family folklore dinner.


Weaving Up the Gap

Build bridges between generations by sharing conversation and personal stories prompted by weaving your own basket. Explore historical changes in communication, food ways and gender roles as we weave letter baskets, egg baskets, fishing baskets and more.


Great Grants

 Learn how to identify matching values, tell your story and build lasting relationships with your funding partners.

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