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Authentic, high energy performance that entertains both young and old and sweeps you into the land of Mother Goose.

-Cindy Earls,

Homeplace 1850, Land Between the Lakes

The Bremen Town Musicians

The traditional tale of a group of unlikely animals who dream of making a life in the music business. Available in both classic and Nashville versions.


The Sprightly Tailor

A poor little tailor takes a dare to sew a garment in a haunted church, and finds out that he’s braver than he thought.


The Boy Who Wanted More Cheese

  Follow a growing boy on his quest for a full tummy in this traditional Dutch fairy tale.


 The Goose of Gold

A Fairy Godmother’s Interactive Story Theatre production,

the “Goose of Gold” tells the uproarious adventures of a youngest son seeking his fortune; aided by a “strange little man” and up to twelve audience members.


The Legend of the Cuckoo

Travel to a rainforest of green leaves, bright feathers, and girly-bird chatter as a wise owl and lively tree frogs choose a beauty queen in this colorful Maya fable. A Fairy Godmother’s Interactive Story Theatre 


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